RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi with Hybrid power assist is powered by air cooled, fuel injected (Fi), 125 cc blue core engine. The unique “Automatic Stop & Start System” prevents engine idling and subsequently starts with a single throttle twist which uses the sensors to assess the riding environment. The “Smart Motor Generator (SMG)” fitted to the RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid brings a quieter engine start without the need for a separate conventional electric starter. Headlight is equipped with LED Position Light for enhanced visibility. It comes with Digital Meter Console and Y-Connect Bluetooth connectivity to create a strong bond between Scooter and Rider.

Level-up your game with the new and sporty Light Grey Vermillion and Matte Black RayZR Street Rally. Zip, zap, zoom ahead of the rest, command every turn with cool confidence. And while at it, captivate everyone around you with the electrifying colours. Go on, choose your shade and raise your game.

Motorcycle-Like Tough and Sporty Design

RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi is built on the concept of “Armoured Energy”. A sturdy built design and weight that’s at 99kgs makes your ride agile and quick. The “Motorcycle-Scooter Evolution” design from Yamaha is also reflected in the sporty and sharp characters of the Street Rally. The metal plate addition on the body enhances overall stylish character.

RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid Design

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid Headlight

LED Headlight

The RayZR Street Rally is not just built tough. It’s also built with a lot of toughness. Take for instance the iconic LED Headlight. It’s got so much character that it becomes an obsession.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid Position Light

LED Position Light

Turn left or right, or go straight ahead, whatever you do, you can do it in style with the impressive LED Position Lights of the RayZR Street Rally.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid Digital Instrument Cluster

Full Digital Instrument Cluster (with Y-Connect)

Ruggedly designed, the Digital Instrument Cluster is sharp, focused and crystal clear. You can get all the info you need with ease, while on the go.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid Brush Guard

Brush Guard

The Brush Guard of your RayZR Street Rally is the shield for rider’s hands from oncoming airflow and add a sporty-influenced touch to the machine.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid Metal Plate

Stylish Metal Plate

Safeguard the RayZR Street Rally from scratches with the edgy new metal plate. While it lends oodles of character to the face of the Scooter, it also protect two-wheeler at its most integral part.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid 110mm Rear Block Pattern Tyre

Wide 110mm Rear Block Pattern Tyre

When you blaze new trails, the wider Block Pattern tyres on the RayZR Street Rally grip you to the ground and makes riding on even the toughest terrain a cakewalk.

RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid Features

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid Weight Body

Light Weight Body

The RayZR Street Rally is built like a tank but doesn’t weigh like one. The reduced weight gives you a great pick up, better handling and better mileage.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Hybrid Telescopic Suspension

Telescopic Suspension

RayZR Street Rally uses telescopic suspension in front and gives you control no matter which terrain you decide to ride on. With this innovative suspension setup, every road feels like a smooth ramp no matter what its condition.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi E-20 logo

E20 Fuel Compatible

E20 Fuel reduces the emissions and is wonderful option for cutting down on pollution. As part of our carbon reduction commitments, We have updated the RayZR Street Rally to be compatible with E20 Fuel.


Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Digital Meter

The Yamaha Y-Connect App displays phone notifications on your instrument cluster screen –

    Alerts you of any incoming or missed calls
    Get notified every time you receive a message or email on your phone
    Informs you of the bike’s connectivity with the Y-Connect app on your phone.
    Displays the smartphone’s battery level
Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption Tracker – This feature helps you track your daily and monthly fuel consumption. Check out the Top 10 Champions of Mileage
Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Y-Connect Mileage

Maintenance Recommendations – This app consolidates and analyses the bike data and sends you recommendations. For example, it keeps tabs on battery status and indicates either with a “Good” or “Check” notification.
Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Parking Icon

Last Parking Location – The last parking feature of the app gives you information about where you last parked your bike*.*If the machine has been moved since it was parked, it cannot be tracked via this function.

Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Y-Connect Malfunction

Malfunction Notification – Should the machine suffer a breakdown or malfunction, the app indicates so on the smartphone. It can also be verified on the phone as part of the bike’s records.
Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Y-Connect Revs Dashboard

Revs Dashboard – The smartphone screen can also function as the Revs Dashboard, that displays data that is not available on the bike’s instrument cluster, such as Engine RPM, Degree Of Throttle Opening, Rate Of Acceleration, Eco-friendly Riding Indicator and Real-time Fuel Consumption.
Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi Y-Connect Ranking

Ranking – This app connects with other Yamaha riders app and maintains a ranking of the riders in terms of distance travelled and how eco-friendly their riding has been.
Yamaha Motorcycle connect

RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid 360° View

* This 360 degree view is for illustration purpose only. Please click here for detailed specifications.

RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid Gallery

RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid Comfort

Ray Zr StreetRally Front Disc Brake with UBS

Front Disc Brake with UBS

Enjoy the best ride quality on any road condition. The 90/90-12 front tyre and cast wheel combined with a disc brake setup delivers impeccable riding control, safety and comfort.

Ray Zr StreetRally Two Level Seat

Two Level Seat

Seating position is as crucial for the pillion as it is for the rider, the two level seating provides great comfort to the riders and a distinctive silhouette that sets it apart from its peers.

Ray Zr StreetRally Pass Switch

Pass Switch

The RayZR Street Rally pass light makes overtaking a breeze. It alerts the vehicles ahead of you that you are going to overtake them. Pass light is mostly used during night driving. In the night, the light shines brighter and helps in alerting others.

Convenience & Functionality

Ray Zr StreetRally Ray ZR 125 21L Large Under-Seat Storage

21L Large Under-Seat Storage

When you are out for adventure, you’ll need to carry a lot of stuff along. A large under-seat storage of 21 Ltrs ensures that you have enough space to carry all your gear.

Ray Zr StreetRally Ray ZR 125 Multi-function Key Switch

Multi-function Key Switch

Open the doors to a vast array of features with just one single key. The multi-function key switch makes sure that your needs are fulfilled at the tip of your fingers.

RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid Performance

Ray Zr StreetRally New 125cc Fi with Hybrid Power Assist Engine

125cc Fi with Hybrid Power Assist Engine

The RayZR Street Rally is powered by an air cooled, fuel injected (Fi), 125 cc blue core engine. The SMG charges the onboard battery. The SMG along with the engine produces 6.0kW(8.2PS) and up to 10.3 Nm torque for quicker acceleration when starting from a stop.

Ray Zr StreetRally


Ray Zr StreetRally 16% Improved Mileage

Great Mileage

Thanks to Blue Core Hybrid engine and Automatic Stop & Start System, enjoy in style without worrying about the mileage.

Ray Zr StreetRally Automatic Stop & Start system

Automatic Stop & Start system

When certain conditions are met, the Stop & Start system automatically stops the engine when the vehicle is at stop and idling, thereby helping to save fuel. The rider can easily re-start the engine and get underway again by simply twisting the throttle, which quickly fires up the engine.

Ray Zr StreetRally Smart Motor Generator - Silent Start

Smart Motor Generator – Silent Start Ray Zr StreetRally 125Fi

It enables you to turn on the engine quietly and easily, whenever you are ready to go.